Latest piece: How the COVID-19 pandemic is a perfect example of our VUCA world, and how Brandy made a drawing to make sense of it. Here's the story.

New! I drew ColorFULL for you.
A new PDF coloring book ready for you to print and enjoy. More details >>

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"I went into The Lab with the ability to create very serviceable visual maps which were, nonetheless a bit ‘one scale’ or ‘flat’. The biggest, conscious impact it’s had on my work is that, after it, I was able to create maps with hierarchy and varying scale – and therefore much greater impact."

Caroline Chapple
Chapple Cartoons
London, UK

Latest News

03.23.20 First to help me, then to help you, I made ColorFULL a coloring book of messages of care and resilience. Get your copy here >>

02.18.20 Guess who finally got some kind of registration page up for her new online course

Brandy did!

Gold Star Graphic Facilitation is the comprehensive course all about the role, responsibilities, skills and mindset of the graphic facilitator.  Check out the details >>

p.s. The course is already LIVE and waiting for YOU. 



01.20.20 | JD Pirtle interviewed Brandy on his fantastic education podcast, Depth and Light. Have a listen!

01.14.20 | The London Lab's last spot is filled. Contact Brandy to get on the waiting list. 

01.02.20 Welcome to the Year of Vision!

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